Mistakes To Avoid While Designing A Website

You might have a beautifully designed website with everything perfect, but just one or two mistakes, which might create a blunder for your site. Some of your mistakes might cause frustration to the visitors while some may hinder them to access your site’s functions. We have compiled a list of some common mistakes that web designers make so that you can check and rectify if you have made any of them on your website.

Website colour

The first and foremost thing that will attract or turn off your visitors is your website’s appearance. And, the first thing they will notice is the colour of your site. Make sure you use a beautiful colour scheme where colours blend well with each other and avoid using extreme colours. Make sure the text on your site is easily readable. For that, you can have a light coloured background with text written in solid black or a dark coloured background with text in white in clear fonts. Whatever you do, make sure to have a visually appealing website for your visitors. Webi7 digital media

Text and images

The next most important step is to strike a balance between the amount of text and the number of images on your site. Only text without images makes a website look too dull. Add relevant images at regular intervals between the texts to make it easy as well as fun to read. Also, avoid huge chunks of texts. Break up different blocks of text by using headings, sub-heading, bullets, numbering, etc. As far as images are concerned, make sure to use images that are relevant to the topic. Also, optimize your images so that they don’t take long to load.

Animation and video

You can use flash animations to make your website look creative. You can also use relevant videos where you can explain your content better through them. But remember, animations and videos slow down a site’s speed. So, use them only if needed and make a minimal use of them. Also, you shouldn’t provide such large animations that they distract the visitor’s attention away from your content.


You can have advertisements on your website to create revenue. There is no problem with that. But, problem arises when you have too many ads on a single page. Keep the ads to the minimum if you don’t want the visitors to consider your site as unprofessional. Also, avoid pop-up ads and full screen pop-ups because these are considered the most irritating types of ads for visitors.

White space

Now that you know how you need to use texts and images in balance, and use minimum of animations, videos and ads, it is also important for you to understand that you need to have enough of white space on your page to differentiate between different sections. White space makes it easier for users to read your content.


The navigation through your site should be easy and organized. When the users are visiting your site, they should be able to find a product or service easily with a minimum of clicks. Avoid using too many sub-menus, which will irritate as well as confuse the users. If they are finding an XYZ brand of perfume, let them find the main menu of fragrances, which immediately leads them to the brand names list which includes XYZ, without having them to navigate further down with sub-menus.

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